English speaking club

Do you lack practicing English? We enlist a small group to English speaking club. We plan to meet once a week, 10 people in a group at most. Comfortable location - city center, old book store. Tea, coffee, warm atmosphere inviting to talk... What should you take with? Your store of knowledge in English - what you have in both active and passive word stock. (It would be great if you prepared for specific topic of each meeting).

One must speak in order to develop one's speaking skills. Reading, doing exercises or watching films cannot substitute real talk. Join us and remember: you will be doing it, not us :)

The first meeting on October 21, 15:00.

Suggested topic for the meeting: getting to know each other, hobbies.

Meeting place: Old book shop, Novoselskogo st., 60.

Entry for donation. Payment for further meetings will be fixed - 100 UAH.

About us: Higher philological education, (Pedagogical University n.a. Ushinskiy and Odessa National University n.a. Mechnikov), experience in teaching children and adults, interpretations (consecutive and simultaneous), translations - about 10 years.

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